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Static City is a Record Pool Exchange. We provide working DJs with the highest quality DJ Edits and DJ Tools. The material contained on our Record Pool is not available on any mainstream platforms. Due to this fact, our Record Pool is only open to working DJs and VJs. This is not only to comply with copyright legalities, but also to keep the early promo releases and DJ tools in the hands of DJs only.

For DJs Only!

Our service is strictly for DJs only! This is because the promotional edits contained here are specially edited for DJs to play. It is imperative that these promo tracks and videos do not get in the general domain.

Worldwide Membership

Whilst a membership at Static City is for DJs only, we do allow DJs and VJs from all over the World. We do not have any country or territory restrictions.

A Record Pool is not only a legal way to download your material, you will also be getting tracks that are edited for DJs to play. You also get to download as many tracks as you like, all within the monthly administration fee you pay. As a working DJ, you are actively promoting new songs for artists and labels alike, so you should not be made to pay-per-track like the general music buying public do.

Music First!

A truly great Record Pool brings it’s DJs the hottest tracks and remixes first. We get sent the hottest promos direct from some of the biggest record labels on the planet!

Videos First!

As with the music, videos need to be distributed to our VJs immediately. We update daily with huge video packs! VJs Be Warned: Start shopping for an external HDD

At Static City, you will get access to all music packs, including older vaults. You will also get free support and will be assigned a support manager with direct email address to that manager. You will get unlimited downloads. You will also have the chance to chat & network with other DJs in the pool via a website chat-box.

Online Forum

Membership includes access to our private online forum, which included a support forum, equipment review forum, and community forum. Great for DJ/VJ advice and to share mixes and bootlegs! 

Unlimited Support

Can’t find help in the forum? We have a dedicated support team that are contactable by Email, Facebook or Skype. We are very proud of our customer service. If your email isn’t answered within 48 hours, you get a free month!

Static City is different to other Record Pools because we are a Record Pool Exchange. This means that we not only offer our own Record Pool Tracks, but we also bring our members edits, remixes and DJ tools sourced from the internet. You should look at Static City as a “DJ Music Wholesalers”

My Account Hub

Once logged in, you will see your “My Account Hub”. From here, you can see and edit all your login details, manage your subscription, cancel your subscription with our “2-click easy cancel” system, and even upgrade your account with one click!

Easy Payments

All our payments are through PayPal on a recurring payment plan. This means that you do not need to worry about sending us the money, it will be done automatically until it is cancelled. Don’t worry, cancelling can be done with ease in your My Account Hub. 

Lifetime Membership

As long as you don’t cancel your payments more than 3 times, you will have Lifetime Membership with us. This means your login will always work, but you will need an active payment plan to download the latest tracks and videos.

Vault Section

Members with 6 month and over accounts (3 month and over for video packages) can download from our special Vault Section. This contains some incredible collections from some old school Vinyl Only indi labels and remix services! 

For Record Labels

As a record label, it is important that you can get the right promotion in the correct geographical locations. If you have a new track or production that you would like testing or promoting, then we can distribute your track to specific radio and global DJs. We can also provide you with invaluable feedback from the DJs who have played your track(s) in the clubs all around the globe. For more info and to submit a track, please visit this page – Music Submission