Allen & Heath Teases Xone:96 Mixer

Allen & Heath posted a short video teasing a new Xone mixer on its Facebook Page over the weekend. It appears sandwiched between a pair of CDJ-2000NXS2s, and from what we can see in the video it has four channels (with four volume faders) and a crossfader, and a release date of “09.06” (or June 6). The name “Xone:96” also appears on the front of the unit. Read more

More Popular Controllers & Cloud Support Added To djay Pro On Mac & iOS

Algoriddim has announced updates to its djay Pro app for macOS and iOS that add more controllers and cloud DJ data sync. djay Pro Mac v2.0.5 and djay Pro iOS v1.0.12 now allow you to sync cue points, loops and saved EQs over the cloud. Meanwhile, the Mac app now works with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3DDJ-SR2DDJ-1000 and XDJ-RX2 controllers, and the Numark Party Mix.
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Virtual DJ 2018 Announced, Focuses On Video & Live Streaming

Virtual DJ 2018 has just been announced by Atomix Productions, the creator of Virtual DJ. Currently in beta, it adds “videoskins” for video DJing which are visuals that interact with songs you’re playing as well as performance functions that you’re using such as loops and effects. You can also use motion graphics known as “shaders” to generate visualisations while you spin. Live streaming also comes baked into Virtual DJ 2018, giving you the ability to stream straight to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Periscope. Read more

Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-400 Controller For Beginners

Pioneer DJ has just announced the DDJ-400, a portable two-channel Rekordbox DJ controller aimed at new DJs. It’s got two small jogwheels, looping controls like those found on a CDJ-2000NXS2 media player, three-band EQs per channel, eight performance pads per deck, and filters plus a DJM-900NXS-style Beat FX section. Read more

SoundSwitch Is Now Compatible With Virtual DJ 8

Virtual DJ 8 users can nows spin with their own custom lights shows thanks to a new SoundSwitch update.

SoundSwitch, the software / hardware solution that syncs DMX lighting with DJ software, just received a huge update that grants it compatibility with Virtual DJ 8. Now at version 1.5, it lets Virtual DJ 8 users create their own custom lighting effects when running the SoundSwitch app in tandem with Virtual DJ 8 and using light fixtures connected to the SoundSwitch hardware box.

Previously, SoundSwitch only worked with Serato DJ. Adding Virtual DJ 8 to its compatibility list will open up the product to even more users, particularly mobile and professional DJs who are one of the fiercest Virtual DJ supporters. Coincidentally, it’s these mobile / pro jocks who stand to benefit the most from the customised light show promise of SoundSwitch. We can’t wait to try it – watch out for our review of SoundSwitch soon.

• SoundSwitch 1.5 is now available. Check the SoundSwitch site for more details.

Serato DJ 1.9.10 Released, Adds macOS High Sierra and Denon DJ Prime Support

Serato just announced an update to Serato DJ that includes macOS High Sierra compatibility and support for the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime, X1800 Prime, and Mixars Quattro mixer.

Serato just announced an update to its Serato DJ software. Now at version 1.9.10, it adds compatibility with macOS High Sierra, the latest operating system for Mac users. It also brings Official Serato Accessory support for the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime media player, along with Serato DJ and Serato DVS compatibility with the Denon DJ X1800 Prime mixer. Support for the Mixars Quattro mixer is also included in the update.

This comes hot on the heels of Denon DJ announcing a firmware update that allows the SC5000 Prime to read USB drives with music prepared via Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software. And of course this is great news for Serato DJ users who have been holding off on updating their Macs – as always, make sure that both your DJ software and DJ hardware are compatible before doing the update.

• Serato DJ 1.9.10 is now available. Check the Serato DJ site for more details.


Gibson Brands is ceasing development of Cakewalk branded products and with it, the popular DAW SONAR. Cakewalk was one of the first ever DAWs, originally developed for DOS as a MIDI sequencer in 1987, before growing into a popular workhorse recording software.
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Spotify has acquired cloud-based recording firm Soundtrap, which gives producers access to an online music studio where they can work with others in real time, regardless of each party’s location— providing everyone has an internet connection, of course.
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Phonon have announced a new 02 Stick headphone, a single earpiece attached to a foam stick. ‘Lollipop’ style DJ headphones have gone out of fashion in recent decades but they were once the regular choice for DJs like Larry Levan and David Morales.

The technology behind the SMBs has made it into the 02 Stick, so it’s fair to assume they’re going to sound pretty good

It works by summing the stereo cue signal into mono, always keeping one ear on the club rather than focussing too much on the next track. Japanese compny Phonon are already well established with their SMB-02 headphones being a favourite of the likes of Dixon, despite their hi-fi sound.

The technology behind the SMBs has made it into the 02 Stick, so it’s fair to assume they’re going to sound pretty good. If a lollipop headphone isn’t for you, Pioneer DJ’s new redesigned HDJ range is a good shout. For more studio-centric jobs, you can’t go wrong with Sennheiser’s recently updated HD-660 S. The 02 Stick is available now priced at $289.


Novation have announced an online version of the Launchpad called Launchpad Arcade. Running on your desktop or mobile, the player allows you to remix on the fly and even supports the original Novation hardware.

Running in Google Chrome, users can control the sequencer with their QWERTY keyboard as clips are launched in time for on the fly remixing and re-arranging.

The online version features only one pack of sounds but there’s more available on the dedicated iOS app. Novation focus on the combination of hardware and software has become more prevalent in recent months with a new video showing how to make a whole track using only their Circuit drum machine and the release of their new flagship synth Peak.


This speaker from Japanese company Cotodama will automatically display the lyrics of any song playing through it on its transparent body. Hand-built in Tokyo at a rate of only 15 a month, this ultra-stylise speaker also ‘listens’ to the mood of the music and adapts the fonts, shapes, rate of lyrics and more to match.


It’s all made possible by Cotodama’s partnership with PetitLyrics, Japan’s largest lyric database company with over 2 million tracks stored. Watch how it works in the video below.

All this fancy tech is going to cost you though – currently retailing at £4,320, it’s not exactly suitable for drunken karaoke sessions. Other remarkable speakers include Master & Dynamic’s new MA770s and for something more affordable, Apple’s upcoming HomePod.

Numark DJ2GO2 Review: Smallest Serato DJ Controller!

The new Numark DJ2GO2 compact and portable Serato DJ Controller is a two channel USB controller that comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro and has a built in soundcard for headphone and audio output to speakers. It also possesses four performance pads for Hotcues, loops, and samples. The Numark DJ2GO2 only costs $80 and is the smallest DJ controller for Serato DJ, making it perfect for small gatherings, track preparation, and “mix-testing” tracks together while on the go. Check out our full video review and review summary below to see if the DJ2GO2 will work in your DJ setup.

6ix on Producing Logic’s “Take It Back” in Under 20 Minutes: “There’s Brilliance in Simplicity”

Some producers like to spend months crafting a beat, tweaking the arrangement, adding stuff and removing stuff, while others prefer to bang them out in under 10 minutes.
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