October 2, 2017
October 2, 2017 Static City

We’re Looking For Music Producers

W e are looking for producers of all levels, with experience in producing: Top 40, EDM (and sub-genres), Hip Hop. We are collecting a database of names and info on producers so we can match you up with the work we constantly get asked to produce. Your details will be saved securely with us, so we can quickly match you up with any work briefs we get, and hopefully get you some solid paid production work.

We receive messages daily asking us to help find producers for all kinds of work. Sometimes, it’s an unsigned vocalist looking for a backing track. Other times it’s a bedroom producer looking for a collab, or even some mixing & mastering. Another example would be social media marketing departments for sports teams or brands, looking for some royalty free music but does not sound “out-of-the-tin”.

Whatever the case may be, we often struggle to place work as the producers we currently are connected with is a small number, and we don’t have enough details to hand on them. It can be really challenging to place a producer with a product with out current working system.

So our big idea is to build up a database of producers so we can easily match up any work that comes in. By filling out the form below, you will officially register your details with us, and if we get a brief for music that needs producing, we will put you in touch with the company involved.


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Preferred Genre*
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Pay Requirements* (we will always look to get you the best pay)
Will work for free if the project is rightI'm a professional and I will not work for free

Your Bio (recommended)

Your Headshot/Logo // filetypes: png or jpg // Size Limit: 5Mb // Minimum Size: 500 x 500px (the larger the better your page will look)

By sending us your details, you agree to allow us to store your information on a secure database, and contact you by email if we find work suitable for you. We may also put your profile and image on our website in a section we have on available for producers. Clients prefer to see who they will be hiring, and therefore, could lead to better work for you. We will email you with a preview first before sending your page live. We will not give your details out to any companies, but we will work as an “intermediary” between you and any prospective clients. It is recommended you leave us a bio of you and your work in the ‘message’ section of the form. We also recommend you send us links to your work/portfolio for prospective clients to listen to, you can also do this on the ‘message’ section.

***IMPORTANT: We do not charge any upfront fees or “agency fees”. We only get paid if you do, and that fee is 12.5%. We only get our commission from work that we get for you, and any future work that comes from that. We do not get our commission from any other work you do.

Please add the email address sales@promodrops.com to your email “whitelist” or “trusted contact” list to make sure when we email you with any available work, our email does not go to your junk/spam folder.
We will always attempt to get you the maximum fee available for any job, no matter what you choose for your “pay requirements”. For producers just starting, it can be very useful to do some work for large companies for little or no fees to build a strong portfolio. However, we will always try and get some kind of fee paid. We will charge 12.5% for placing any work, but we will always try to get this direct from the company, and not from your fee. It is possible that the company may lower their fee in order to pay us however. By joining our database, you automatically agree to our 12.5% “finders fee” should we send you any work.



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