Numark DJ2GO2 Review: Smallest Serato DJ Controller!

The new Numark DJ2GO2 compact and portable Serato DJ Controller is a two channel USB controller that comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro and has a built in soundcard for headphone and audio output to speakers. It also possesses four performance pads for Hotcues, loops, and samples. The Numark DJ2GO2 only costs $80 and is the smallest DJ controller for Serato DJ, making it perfect for small gatherings, track preparation, and “mix-testing” tracks together while on the go. Check out our full video review and review summary below to see if the DJ2GO2 will work in your DJ setup.

6ix on Producing Logic’s “Take It Back” in Under 20 Minutes: “There’s Brilliance in Simplicity”

Some producers like to spend months crafting a beat, tweaking the arrangement, adding stuff and removing stuff, while others prefer to bang them out in under 10 minutes.
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S-modular is a new app for your iPad based around a modular synth interface. Similar to Reaktor’s Blocks, S-Modular is semi-modular, meaning you’re restricted to particular modules but can patch them together in different ways for varying sonic results. The iPad’s touch-screen lends itself well to patching and S-Modular also offers support for Audiobus to allow other apps to interact with the semi-modular music-maker.

It’s available now for a fair fee of $3.99 – worth a punt if you modular is intriguing you. If that’s still too much, you can download a free Max for Live device that mimics Mutable Instruments’ modules or this free open-source modular synth. Tasty.

DJS-1000: Pioneer DJ Introduces Their DJ-Friendly Standalone Sampler


Over the last few days we’ve seen a _lot_ of hints and speculation about what this new DJS-1000 would look like. Our initial analysis of the photos from Dirtybird Campout seem to be nearly perfect. Pioneer DJ is really targeting DJs who are already using a full CDJ setup and getting them to add a new creative element to their mixes: sampling and sequencing.

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Reloop Touch: Virtual DJ’s Never Looked Better On New Controller With Touchscreen

Reloop is gearing up to release a new controller that is aiming to closely integrate hardware and software. The Reloop Touch is a 4-deck controller that is native to Virtual DJ. The controller boasts a 7” touchscreen, a 4 channel mixer, performance pads, and dynamic FX control. Read on to learn more about this unique controller.

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