6ix on Producing Logic’s “Take It Back” in Under 20 Minutes: “There’s Brilliance in Simplicity”

Some producers like to spend months crafting a beat, tweaking the arrangement, adding stuff and removing stuff, while others prefer to bang them out in under 10 minutes.
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“It’s Not Cool”: Danny Brown Reprimands Rappers Who Glamorize Drug Abuse

On November 7, Apple Music will premiere Live at the Majestic, a documentary, shot over two years time by Emmy-winning director Andrew Cohn, about Danny Brown and his first performance in his native Detroit in several years.

To help promote the project, Brown recently spoke with Complex’s Shawn Setaro, and during their conversation, the veteran MC reprimanded the growing number of rappers who unlike Brown—who has been an open about his depression and past drug habit and the negative consequences it had on his life and his career—like to glamorize drug abuse for the sake of entertainment value.
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JAY-Z Told Talib Kweli He Couldn’t Afford His “Get By (Remix)” Verse

On November 17, Talib Kweli will release his eighth studio album, Radio Silence, and in support of the forthcoming project, on Wednesday evening, the Brooklyn-born MC stopped by Desus & Mero for a chat about Dave Chappelle, Black Star, working with Kanye and much more.

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Yo Gotti Doesn’t Think Young Rappers Are Disrespectful, They Just “Don’t Really Give a Fuck”

Lil Wayne refuses to embrace hip-hop’s new generation, Zombie Juice is appalled at their lack of attachment to the art form, and Cassidy doesn’t think their work should even be considered “rap,” but not every artist over the age of 25 has given up on the youth.

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