Record Pool Exchange / Latin Section / 26.10.2016

We have performed major upgrades to our Latin Section! The main headline is “We Now Spend Over $1000 per Month On Latin Tracks & Remixes”


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Aceite En La Cintura – Mark B – DJ Starz – Urbano Intro Break Outro – 135BPM.mp3
Ayer – Anuel – Chino Remix – Reggaeton Remix Clean Version – 95BPM.mp3
Ayer – Anuel – Chino Remix – Reggaeton Remix Dirty Version – 95BPM.mp3
BackPack – Almighty – LeXeDIT – Spanish Rap Intro – Outro – 146 Bpm.mp3
Bebiendo y Fumando – J Alvarez Ft Anonimus & Bryant Myers – LeXeDIT – Spanish Rap Intro – Outro – 120 Bpm.mp3
Calorias – MV5 – LeXeDIT – Reggaeton Acapella Intro – Outro – 98 Bpm.mp3 Read more

Latin Music Section Upgrades!

O ur Latin updates started around 4 years ago opened up to a whole new community of DJs to us. In recent times, our latin music section has not been as full as it could have been. But we have no implemented some important changes. These include; More updates, smaller packs, bigger budget, better track selections!  Read more

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